We are an independent provider of integrated geoscience and exploration services to mining and exploration companies

Resource Geoscience's founders and directors comprise a bilingual English-Spanish, multi-cultural
team with over 80 years of international experience

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About Us

Who We Are

Resource Geosciences comprises a staff of geologists, technicians, logisticians, and administrative support personnel, dedicated to providing the professional technical and administrative services to clients in Mexico and throughout the Americas.



Resource Geosciences was incorporated in 2000 and is directed by two of its founders: Dr. Matthew Gray, President, and Ing. Mario Castellanos. Geologists and engineers by training, and explorationists by experience, the founders have over seventy years

Who We Serve

Resource Geosciences provides services to mining companies, exploration companies, and Goverment agencies that require professional geoscience services.

Our Founders

President and founding partner

Matthew D Gray

Dr. Gray holds degrees from the Colorado School of Mines (B.Sc. - Geological Engineering; Ph.D. - Geology, with Minor in Mineral Economics) and …

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Founding Partner

Mario Castellanos

Ing. Castellanos is a graduate of the Geology Department of the University of Sonora in Hermosillo, Mexico. His academic thesis described …

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At Your Service

Technical - Minerals

  • "Turnkey" Exploration Program Administration and Management


Representation and Administration of Mexican Subsidiaries of Foreign Companies.

Technical - Water

Water exploration and well field development of non-conventional aquifers!


  • Construction, provision, and operation of remote field camps.

Reports And Presentations

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics / Conduct

Resource Geosciences is a professional practice serving multiple clients, of which many are in direct competition with one another. As a provider of services to these companies Resource Geosciences will at times possess ... highly confidential and proprietary information belonging to client companies. Recognizing that disclosure, inadvertent or otherwise, of such data could cause financial harm to a client, Resource Geosciences will maintain confidential all data we generate for a client, and will not divulge its business relationship with a client without the client's consent. Furthermore, Resource Geosciences explicitly recognizes that all data generated for a client is exclusive data of the client and we will not maintain copies of such data without express consent from the client. Resource Geoscience will notify potential clients of any current Resource Geosciences programs that overlap in geographic region, unless the program is being conducted on client-controlled ground that is not open for acquisition. For example, we would not run concurrent generative programs for two different clients in the same region, but Resource Geosciences could concurrently run a generative program for one client and a project development program for another in the same region, provided that it is disclosed to the later client that Resource Geosciences is already active in the area. Resource Geosciences will never compete with past, present, or future clients. Neither Resource Geosciences nor it's controlling partners will acquire nor attempt to acquire any type of interest in mining properties.

Ethical Obligations of Client

The mining and exploration industry is currently experiencing high demand for qualified exploration professionals of all levels. RGM’s business is to help our clients meet their needs through provision of RGM staff to a client’s ...

What We Do Not Do

Resource Geosciences is exclusively a professional provider of technical and administrative services and Resource Geosciences never competes with past, present, nor future clients. As such: ...

Why us?

Whether you represent a mining company, a junior exploration company, a government agency, or any individual or entity that requires collection, compilation, or interpretation of geologic data, Resource Geosciences can help you meet your needs efficiently, professionally, and at a cost savings compared to your own in-house costs.


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Phone number +52 (662) 214-2454

Resource Geosciences Incorporated 765A Dorotea Ct Rio Rico, Arizona 85648 USA

Resource Geosciences de Mexico Calle 14 de Abril No. 68 Colonia San Benito Hermosillo, Sonora 83190

Hiring Policy

RGM Policy on Recruitment of RGM Staff by RGM Clients

RGM’s policy is that clients may not directly hire RGM staff. RGM recognizes that our staff are free to work for whom they please, and indeed RGM loses personnel to better offers from other employers. But just as individuals are free to work for whom they choose, the same is true of RGM. RGM conditions its provision of services by excluding clients from hiring RGM staff. If a client does not respect this policy, RGM will cease providing services to that client in order to avoid the conflicts of interest created.

Ethical Relationship Between RGM and Client

From RGM’s viewpoint there is no ethical or practical difference between:

  1. RGM directly recruiting away employees of a client company
  2. A client recruiting employees from RGM’s personnel base. Both are equally unethical and create a direct conflict of interest between RGM and the client.

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